Wednesday, 1 May 2013

In Addition to Infrastructure Container Investment is Needed

The worldwide shipping industry has had to address and overcome a number of financial and environmental obstacles, over the last half a decade. Experts and analysts who have carefully monitored the evolution of the shipping industry through these tumultuous times, noted that many of the solutions to the industry's challenges resulted in well-established international shipping ports having to make substantial investments of their own, to accommodate the rapid growth of industry leaders and regions; within prospering economies. The best example of this is the Triple-E-Class shipping container vessels, that have been designed and developed primarily for the Asia-Europe trade route. Aside from the deeper channels and harbors that are needed to accommodate this growth, more shipping containers are needed to meet the rising demand.

The introduction of the enormous 18,000 TEU container ships has meant that any shipping ports along that trade route, will need to make the investments needed to ensure that their harbors and ports, can receive the new, bigger shipping vessels. This has resulted in an increase in infrastructure and shipping port investments in Asia, Europe and all across the globe. In some instances the upgrades have introduced cutting-edge innovation, like advanced port technology and gigantic Ship-to-Shore cranes. In other cases, investments into shipping container transport and storage facilities at ports was needed to accommodate traffic increases, as well as deepening of harbors and extending docking areas; to provide added room for the new, larger shipping container vessels.

As well as the need for investing in gigantic improvement and infrastructure projects at shipping ports around the world, there has also been a number of other investment opportunities that have emerged, as a result of the shipping industry's global upgrades. One such profitable opportunity that has presented itself to the international investment community, is shipping container investments. Needed not only for filling the decks of  fleets of 18,000 TEU container ships, the demand for these hard assets already continues to rise as the world's population increases and consumer demand steadily rises. Together, these two contributing factors ensure the continued need for investing in cargo containers, as well as the shipping industry.

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