About Pacific Tycoon

Everybody knows that the shipping industry is a great business to be in. The problem is, not many people know how to get involved. To help investors profit from the international shipping sector, as it feeds global economic growth, Pacific Tycoon enables investors to invest in cargo containers and include them in Pacific Tycoon's existing fleet. These busy shipping containers are continuously leased to the region's leading manufacturing and transportation companies, who require them to transport their goods to the emerging markets in Asia and other international ports and prospering markets, around the world.

Fortunate for investors, Pacific Tycoon is a well-established container management company whose people have been serving the Asian region, for nearly a decade. Widely regarded as one of the most reputable and renowned container leasing companies in the Pacific region, Pacific Tycoon has established this worldwide reputation through their ongoing commitment to building a dependable fleet of cargo containers, that is seen as both accessible and appealing to international shipping companies. In doing so Pacific Tycoon has consistently delivered profits for Pacific Tycoon's container owners, investors and business partners.

Aside from the advantages of partnering with Pacific Tycoon's knowledgeable and experienced staff, the shipping containers themselves are valuable commodities that are in constant demand, in regions all over the world. As the worldwide economy continues to see improvement and experience steady growth, shipping containers will be needed to constantly feed the growing appetite of hungry consumers. Regardless of whether the stock markets in North America are doing well or the European Union has political challenges, shipping containers are required to keep economies moving forward. As a matter of fact, the international shipping industry's talk of overcapacity does not affect container demand either. Like most other alternative investments, container investments act independently of other asset classes, and thus are not influenced by economic uncertainty or political unrest.