Thursday, 25 October 2012

Container Investment and Leasing Offers Investing Alternative

The shipping industry is an investment option, that more and more investors are looking toward, when considering where to invest their money. In particular, shipping container investing seems to be a very popular choice, for apprehensive investors everywhere.

The expert team at Pacific Tycoon has worked very hard to become one of the leading private companies in the shipping container industry. In our approach, we offer two different asset lease plans to container owners and private investors. The most profitable is the Pacific Tycoon Guaranteed Lease, which offers container investors 12 percent interest on the revenue earned, from the leasing of the shipping containers.

The success of this investment opportunity, is based upon the established laws of supply and demand, which in turn influence the value of the long-term leases; negotiated by container investment and leasing companies. Currently in the shipping industry, there is a high demand for shipping containers, and thus money to be made for investors who can provide the containers; needed to meet the rising demand.


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