Monday, 19 November 2012

Container Investors Benefit From Growth in Emerging Markets

For a number of private investors, any thought of making an investment in the U.S. or European markets, is quickly discarded. At the moment, political uncertainty and economic turmoil is playing an important role, and for the most part adversely effecting the performance of financial markets; in these struggling regions. To avoid these unfavorable options, investors are looking at the performance of emerging economies and developing nations, like Africa, Brazil, Russia and many parts of Asia.

Since the Global Financial Crisis, many of the countries with less financial ties to the American and European markets, have consistently prospered and emerged as valuable (and wealthy) financial partners; as well as major contributors to the growth of the global economy. As such, it is understandable that the continued prosperity in these countries would catch the interest of investors, and encourage them to seek access to markets in Asia, Africa, Brazil and others; that have demonstrated steady growth, development and economic strength.

One industry that benefits most from the continued prosperity in these booming regions, is the shipping industry. Container vessels from all across the globe, move precious imports and exports in row-upon-row of shipping containers, to eagerly awaiting international ports. However, as economic growth in these regions continues to rise, so do the demands on the shipping industry to accommodate the increase in production; and provide an adequate supply of shipping containers and shipping routes. This rising need for shipping containers, especially in emerging markets like those in Asia, Brazil and more, has created an investment opportunity for investors to generate income by leasing shipping containers, to meet the demand from shipping companies and other international clients.

This worldwide demand on the shipping industry is expected to continue to increase, as more an more countries around the world make improvements and upgrades to their shipping ports, in an effort to accommodate larger shipping container vessels moving through the expanded Panama Canal; carrying more cargo containers to more destinations. This demonstrates a long-term commitment from governments and international companies, to make investments that will not only improve the shipping industry, but also maintain its continued profitability and contribute to economic growth around the globe.


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