Monday, 21 January 2013

Why Does Pacific Tycoon Have Headquarters in Hong Kong?

Thanks in part to the initiatives of Hong Kong's Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC), Hong Kong is widely considered one of the most corruption-free economies, in the entire world. Influence-peddling, bribery, scandals and scams receive zero tolerance there. Furthermore, adding to the region's increasing value and appeal, Hong Kong ranks among the very best places in the world; to attract and secure global business management experience. Therefore, when building a dependable team of business, investment and shipping industry experts, Pacific Tycoon established itself in the center of the world's leading talent and economic opportunity.

Thousands of international companies like Pacific Tycoon, who are actively participating in trade with China, have chosen to establish their business' headquarters; in Hong Kong. The Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), which took effect at the beginning of 2004, provides Hong Kong companies with great investment opportunities and additional and exclusive market access benefits; in Mainland China. Moreover, boasting the only modern, fully-developed deep water harbor between Singapore and Shanghai, Hong Kong is an extremely important part of all maritime shipping activity; in southern China. And, the fact that China is Hong Kong's number one trading partner, means even more benefits for local businesses and shipping companies; as China begins to turn its focus on infra-structure investment and encouraging domestic growth.

It can be expected that as emerging markets continue to prosper, and anticipation of the global economic boom continues to build, the need for shipping containers will rise steadily; to accommodate worldwide growth and development. With that being said, a growing list of shipping clients around the globe have come to rely upon container leasing companies like Pacific Tycoon, to provide a dependable supply of shipping containers; to meet the maritime shipping industry's increasing needs. In keeping with the demand, the expert staff at Pacific Tycoon manages an extensive fleet of containers, that are leased to international manufacturers and shipping companies; in accordance with established shipping container leases. It is the monthly income generated from these long-term agreements, that Pacific Tycoon is happy to share with container owners and investors.


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