Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Count on Shipping Container Investments to Deliver

There was a major announcement recently made that China is going to build the world’s largest ship canal through Nicaragua. It will be deep and large enough to handle the biggest shipping container vessels in the world. The new giant Triple-E models are capable of transporting more than 18,000 TEUs of containers and will not be able to fit through the Panama Canal when it is expanded in 2015 as the largest ships it will be able to handle will be carrying up to 13,000 TEU’s. Once it’s completed, the new huge cargo vessels will be able to sail anywhere around the world with their massive loads of consumer goods.

This is just another indicator that the global economy is expected to thrive in a big way in the coming years. China, the world’s largest exporter and soon to be largest importer is making this $40 billion investment because they believe there will be enough demand in the global economy to justify it. As the world’s economy continues to grow and prosper to unprecedented levels in the coming decade, the world’s seas will be filled with these massive structures of transportation engineering delivering the world’s consumer goods to every country on every continent, all across the globe. There will literally be mountains of shipping containers as far as the eye can see.

China is not alone in making investments in order to capitalize on the growing global economy. The majority of countries in the world have been busy upgrading and modernizing their own port infrastructures to be ready to compete when the global economy hits full stride sometime before 2020 as analysts have forecast. In total, they have collectively invested trillions of dollars to date in the last ten years and it is expected that more will be spent in the coming ten years as well. It is estimated that the demand for shipping containers will more than double in the same future time frame in correlation to the growth of the global economy. This is good news for shipping container investors to say the least. Their investment certainly looks like it will be in strong demand well into the foreseeable future.

A shipping container investment is a relatively simple one to make. There are reputable firms in the market that will handle all the administration of the container investment while the owner/investor gets to relax and receive better-than-average returns every month for the term of the contract. All it takes is some good research to discover a container management firm that suits the investor’s needs. Shipping containers have always been, currently are and will always be, in constant demand around the world. Simply put, they deliver all the world’s consumer goods while at the same time delivering above-average profits for their owner and investors.

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