Sunday, 3 November 2013

Alternative Investment Success Has Rebuilt Investor Confidence

With most traditional investments performing badly in world markets, many investors are wondering if alternatives like container investing are the solution. At the moment, much of the investment community's attention has moved away from investments like stocks, bonds, banks and real estate and investors are shifting to nontraditional strategies, like REITs, commodities and hard assets like shipping containers. Investors are learning that the risk and return on these alternatives (like cargo container leases) make for a much more appealing investment, particularly when compared to the standard offerings like corporate and government bonds, high-interest savings accounts or even Wall Street's leading prospects.

The fact is, the pillars of the financial world are crumbling and new support is needed if investors are to succeed in today's tumultuous markets. Nowadays, when investors ask themselves if they should invest in shipping containers, or other such alternative offering; an overwhelming number are saying "yes" to the opportunity. Their new-found confidence can be attributed to the fantastic earnings that alternative investments have consistently delivered year after year, as well as the transparent relationships established between alternative investment providers and investors. These are two characteristics that are not commonly seen in today's traditional investment offerings, but are coveted by the international investment community.

The investment landscape is changing, particularly with regards to the longevity and profitability of traditional investment strategies. Now that investors are discovering the truth about container investments and other profitable alternative investing options, many are beginning to regain their confidence in their financial future. Make no mistake, private investors are not the only members of the investment community who are profiting from choosing alternative assets to compliment a portfolio, it would seem that fund managers are also beginning to move increasingly larger portions of their fund's assets; to alternative investments. Either at the request of their clients or their conscience, investment managers are breaking with tradition and including alternatives as a "pillar" of their portfolio. This new approach has proven it provides the stability that the investment community needs, to become more confident in their investing options and more successful in their pursuit of personal wealth and financial security.

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