Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pacific Tycoon's Strategy For Investing in Global Trade

Shipping container leasing companies like Pacific Tycoon play an important role global trade and provide alternative investment opportunities for investors.

The international container shipping industry has only lately (in the last half a decade) opened its doors to investors. In the past, the profitable sector had once been a closely guarded secret of moneyed investors and well-established investment firms. But now, with growing consumer demand and a booming shipping industry, more and more people are beginning to see the advantages of investing in containers and are eager to invest in these low risk, high return investment opportunities. In doing so, shipping container leasing companies like Pacific Tycoon are playing a significant role global maritime trade and provide an excellent investment experience for international investors; at the same time.

The Role of Pacific Tycoon in the Shipping Industry

Companies like Pacific Tycoon, a Hong Kong-based shipping container leasing company, are instrumental in helping investors invest in their own fleet of containers and then lease them out to shipping companies who need a steady supply to meet the growing worldwide demand. These shipping companies then deploy the containers in emerging and developed markets around the world, to accommodate economic growth and/or recovery.
The shipping industry is a significant player in the growth and recovery of the global economy, especially since the recent market crashes. Increased trade helps to improve GDP for individual countries, as a result of which trade bulk (and therefore the need for shipping containers) is increased. The fact of the matter is that more cargo is being transported in containers to ports around the world. This in turn translates into stable revenue for the investors that are participating in container leasing.

Investment Offerings of Pacific Tycoon

Investors with Pacific Tycoon's direct investment options are guaranteed monthly returns, capital outlay being preserved throughout. The company's head office in Hong Kong reaches out to a worldwide network with more than 400,000 containers under its management. Pacific Tycoon boasts as many as 7,200 container owners within the network, and a large number of international clients. Investing with this leasing company is a very simple process. At a minimum, investors will need to invest $4100 on at least one container (or purchase more) to begin the partnership. Pacific Tycoon and its networks then take on the task of leasing and distributing the containers to cargo transporters around the world.

Insured Monthly Revenue With 2 Options That Offer Tax Free Income

  1. 12% Guaranteed Lease: Under this option, containers are leased out on long-term contracts. These contracts guarantee an investment income that is equal to 12% of the price the containers purchase for.
  2. Maximized Rental Agreement: Under this new scheme, containers are rented out to shipping companies that need them urgently in order to honor their contracts for transportation. In such scenarios, the supply is limited but the demand is high, and this pushes up rental prices and investor revenues as a result. In this instance the income is not guaranteed, but they have certainly proven to deliver the best investment return over time.
There are a few finer points to be aware of when reviewing a shipping container investment. The containers are registered under the names of the investors (or a nominee) and each container is assigned a number plate with manufacturers specifications. The investor has a contract with Pacific Tycoon leasing out the container or containers they have bought. The containers are insured and trackable. The containers can be sold at any time.

Should You Invest With Pacific Tycoon?

Over the last few years, investor experience with Pacific Tycoon has revealed returns that consistently outperform competitors and most other alternative investment strategies. The company's customer care service is friendly, prompt and most importantly, approachable and eager to help. This is important because too many investors balk at opportunities because they are afraid of scams or broker dishonesty. With Pacific Tycoon, investors enjoy a great investment and industry-leading service.

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