Saturday, 20 October 2012

Alternative Investments That Are Insured Against Loss/Damage

pacific tycoon maritime asset management
We have created an opportunity for private investors, to purchase their own fleet of shipping containers and then lease them to established international businesses and manufacturers, who will then use them to transport consumer products to shipping container ports; all over the world.

Making this investing option even more appealing for investors, is that container investments are insured against loss or damage and the industry experts at Pacific Tycoon will take responsibility for the care, maintenance and operational costs of the shipping containers; none of which are deducted from the investor’s income. This approach generates the highest possible investment returns, for happy investors.

With that being said, the shipping industry experts at Pacific Tycoon, offer private investors a proven investment formula that delivers long term profits, regardless of economic uncertainty, political unrest and turmoil; in many parts of the world. This recipe for success has demonstrated to container lessors and investors, year in and year out, that it can produce positive results; regardless of international obstacles.

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