Sunday, 21 October 2012

Private Investors Supply Shipping Container Demand

pacific tycoon maritime asset management
We have been an active participant in the Shipping industry since 2008. Since that time, we have acquired the experience and the industry contacts and relationships to ensure that Pacific Tycoon places at the top of the list, when manufacturers and transportation companies wish to transport their valuable consumer goods; to shipping ports around the globe.

Aside from our vast industry experience, Pacific Tycoon's location in Hong Kong places our industry experts in close proximity to strong economies in Asia, and other emerging markets; all around the world. This ensures ample opportunity to establish long-term shipping container leases, with some of the world's largest manufacturers and producers, of the most popular consumer goods.

From laptops and computers to heavy industrial equipment, Pacific Tycoon works diligently to satisfy the shipping industry's need for containers and helps facilitate the growth of nations. Furthermore, our staff works equally hard to provide a profitable business opportunity for container owners and viable alternatives to common investments; for apprehensive investors.

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