Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Low Risk Investment Strategies That Can Earn High Returns

Most average private investors seek the most profitable investments, with the least amount of associated risk. The reason being is that many investment-seekers do not have much money in the first place, to take a chance on losing any of it. The high-risk investors tend to be the most wealthy investors who have a lot of extra money they can play with and if they lose it, they can afford to do so. Unfortunately for the majority of investors, they do not have that particular luxury and are constantly looking for opportunities that are high-return low-risk options. Although there are some available in the market-place, it takes some proper research to uncover the best ones suited to the investor’s needs.

As a result of the global stock market turmoil in the last five years, the spotlight has been focused on just how it can be risky to invest in stocks and the bond markets. Investors, especially the average ones, have become more reluctant and have lost confidence as millions of investors have lost trillions of dollars over this course of time and most have been searching for more profitable alternatives. What many have discovered is that increasing number of hard assets are delivering above-average returns for many years, and because of this a growing number of investors have begun to capitalize on the profitable opportunities, that were not available in previous years.

Hard assets are essentially all the materials required for the creation and transportation of the all world’s consumer goods. They include precious metals and gems, commercial real estate, oil and gas and even shipping containers, to name a few. Since hard assets are not directly associated with the stock markets, they are not subject to the negative factors of the fluctuating inflation rates. As a result, as the global economy grows, so too does the demand for these investment alternatives. The global economy has doubled since the turn of the century and is projected to double again by 2020, encouraging more investors to take a chance on the low-risk high return options.

One such profitable opportunity has been shipping container investments. They are correlated with the growing world economy and essentially responsible for delivering the increasing demands of consumers every day, everywhere around the globe. They are a relative simple investment to make and have been delivering consistent above-average profits to their investor/owners for a long time. Reputable logistics and management firms handle all the aspects of the investment and deliver constant returns as the container goes out and does all the hard work. Making an investment in a commodity that is in strong demand ultimately lowers the risk factor and raises the value at the same time, increasing the odds of long-term investment success in the end.

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