Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Best Return on Investment With Low-Risk And High-Return

Most private investors look for investments with the highest probability of returning a profit, accompanied by a minimum exposure to risk. The rationale being that a large number of investment-seekers either do not have the money for bigger investments, or they do not have the liquidity to facilitate it. Generally, high-risk investors have the capital to be able to afford the risk in the first place, which takes the sting out of the risk somewhat. So, the majority of investors are constantly looking for new opportunities that are high-return and low-risk options. This is, as you might imagine, a very perilous route to take if you do not do your research thoroughly. For the diligent few however, there are indeed investment options to be discovered that will safely accommodate the above criteria.

As a result of the global stock market turmoil in the last five years, the spotlight has been focused pretty heavily on the risks associated with stocks investments and bond markets. The general mass of investors lost confidence, as scores lost billions (more likely trillions but this is unverified) over this period, while looking for additional profitable alternatives in the meantime. What many have discovered is that increasing the number of hard assets in a portfolio can deliver above-average returns, with a consistent back-log of comparative returns, particularly when compared to competitor global indices. As a result, a growing number of investors have begun to capitalize on the profitable opportunities, that were (often) not available in previous years.

Hard assets are essentially all the materials required for the creation and transportation of the all world’s consumer and business led goods. They include precious metals and gemstones, commercial real estate, oil and gas and even shipping container investing, to name a few. Since hard assets are not directly associated with the global stock markets, they are not subject to the negative factors of fluctuating inflation rates. As a result, as the global economy grows, so too does the demand for these investment alternatives. In an era of demolished trust towards the banking sector, the tangible value of a hard asset has never been more sought after. The global economy has doubled since the turn of the century and is projected to double again by 2020. This fact is encouraging more investors to consider low-risk, high-return options.

One such profitable opportunity is an investment in shipping containers. This investment type is directly related to the prospering world economy, which is responsible for delivering the increasing demands of consumers' every day needs, thus facilitating approximately 90 percent of the world's trade. They are a relatively simple investment to make, delivering consistent above-average profits to their investor/owners year in, year out. To help investors enjoy their investing experience, reputable logistics and management firms handle all the aspects of the container investment and deliver constant returns as the container is deployed globally, to transport consumer and business cargo. Making an investment in a commodity that is in strong demand, ultimately lowers the risk factor while raising the value at the same time. The end result being increased odds of long-term investment success.

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